Curvy is the new trendsetter in sales

The other day I went shopping with my athletic friend. I was inspired by her workout and body transformation that I took a resolution to lose at least few inches and kilograms. She was size zero and me a 2XL. God!! Why this difference? The only thought that crosses my mind when I see my friend is I too want to be a size S like her. I very badly needed new clothes before I start my gym sessions. We skipped hopped and jumped at least 10 shops in search of the size for me. But alas not a store has sizes bigger than XL. Why? Don’t we too have the need to wear the right sized clothes? I woke up startled. Yes, this was a dream; a nightmare I should say.

This is not the scene now. The clothing business sees to every need of the customer. Business in women’s clothing is catching up. Especially plus size women have started to find good options in clothing compared to the selection a few years back wherein in case someone finds a dress in the plus size either they are too expensive or shabbily designed. The retailers to have begun to stock up plus sizes in all category like dresses, jackets, lingerie, sportswear. The business in the women’s plus size is getting better day by day. The clothing in plus size reveals that the fashion industry wants women of all sizes to feel better and enjoy fashion to its fullest. One has to feel proud of their body and emphasize on their curves rather than cover them up. We now get to see plus-size models gracing the ramps with their style. This boosts the confidence of others watching the show.

How has the plus size market become huge?

According to market research that is around 100 million plus-sized women and the number will increase gradually. The plus-size market sales have increased 5% more than the previous year. The market sales increased all because of the increase in obese and overweight individuals around the world.



Market Research

A peep into the different sizes shopped brought about a change in the clothing industry. The fashion designers and retailers understood that a lot of plus sized people had trouble finding the right size. The average measurements have also increased from the 1960’s. The change should start with a designer. Only if they create plus-sized designs will the retailers be able to display the stuff.

Contributing to the market requirement – The designers and retailers have come to terms with the fact that there is a demand for plus size clothes and have made the necessary changes to stay in the market. Now we find almost all shops and designer boutiques selling plus size clothes which were scarcity many years ago. Nowadays there are boutiques and clothing lines dedicated wholly for plus sizes.

People got bigger – Compared to the 50’s and 60’s the food industry has grown which turn as created a lot of obese and overweight people.


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But the main change happened when women began to embrace their body and accept themselves as they were instead of cribbing about the smaller sized models and wanting to be like them. A change in the attitude of women made the fashion industry bring out clothes in plus size.

The plus sizes have not only satisfied the customers with the fashion choices they craved but also brought in a lot of revenue in the sale of clothes. More than 40% of the women now purchase plus sizes. The retailers to have gained insight on the ways to market their stuff and know whom to target and how. Youngsters will spend more money on plus size clothing than the middle-aged women.

With today’s progress in fashion plus size, you will find a figure-hugging dress, a pair of tights or lose sportswear to suit your needs and your size. If given choices and more options women will spend more on clothing. In terms of business, the plus size market has a long way to go and the journey has just begun.

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