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We cater to all fashion needs of the plus size. You will fall in love with our collection and the prices at which they are sold. Our goal is to bring fashion to every sector of the industry. We want to lead the world in customised services, cutting edge fashion and luxury merchandise. We want our customers to experience the best shopping supplies. We believe in premier quality at affordable prices.

Our motto is to make women feel special and confident regardless of the sizes. Our team works their best to provide all curvy women with not only the fashion they are searching for but also give them ideas and tips on how to carry them well with confidence. We aim to make more people conscious of the fact that being a plus size is not degrading. Through our work we want individuals to treat everyone equal be it a size S or a size 3XL since sizes don’t define a person’s personality; it is the confidence and attitude that does.

The main motivation for starting a plus size store itself was bias on the basis of shape and size. As much as men are pointed about their sizes women too face the same amount of humiliation and restriction. Curvy people are restricted from wearing short dresses or sleeves less clothes just because of their size. Through our store we wish to show that it is not the size but the choices of clothing that one opts is the culprit. Size zero ladies can look equally bad in a short dress or sleeveless if not chosen the right type according to body shape. Our store helps in this department too. We help the ladies by providing clothes in plus sizes and also guide them with the right type of dress for the right body type.


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